Frequently Asked Questions


What is Women Awakening?

Women Awakening is an uniquely unifying weekend long International Women’s Summit held each year in Todos Santos, BCS Mexico at Cuatro Vientos.


What does the Women Awakening content consist of?

Women Awakening consists of Movement Practices, Interactive Experiences and Ceremonies for women based on a certain theme each year.


What is the Mission of Women Awakening?

The Mission statement of Women Awakening is:

Expanding Heart

Engaging Soul

Embodying Spirit

It is with this mission statement in mind that we formulate the content of each year’s program.


When is Women Awakening?

Women Awakening is the first full weekend of December each year.


Are men allowed to attend Women Awakening?

Women Awakening’s content is created for the enrichment of the Women of Todos Santos and beyond. However, if a man would like to participate we highly encourage him to sponsor a woman’s attendance and/or assist with child care so a woman who may otherwise be unable to attend can do so.


What airport do I fly into for Women Awakening?

Several US and Mexican airlines fly into SJD (Los Cabos international Airport in San Jose Del Cabo) as well as LAP (La Paz International Airport) and some Mexican airlines and private charters fly into CSL (Cabo San Lucas International Airport known as Aerodrome). They are approximately an hour drive to Todos Santos. For transfer is available for shuttle to town. is also recommended if you prefer a private shuttle service.


Where should I stay if I’m coming from out of town?

We highly recommend in Todos Santos for your stay.  is another nearby alternative, as is Cuatro Vientos is located in the San Sebastian area of Todos Santos.


How do I get to Women Awakening?

Cuatro Vientos is a 10-minute walk from the center of town. Many women choose to walk or carpool.


Where do I park for Women Awakening?

Attendees of Women Awakening are highly encouraged to park in the lower lot of Cuatro Vientos to allow ample parking for the clients of La Esquina in the upper lot.


May I bring my pet or child with me to Women Awakening?

To avoid distractions, Women Awakening is a Pet and Child free zone. Please leave your children and pets at home.


Will I be able to use my phone or computer during Women Awakening?

Women Awakening is a technology free zone. All participants are asked to kindly leave their electronic devices at home or powered off in the cubbies at Cuatro Vientos. There will be designated photographers/videographers documenting select moments of the weekend, but to avoid distractions, and to ensure safe space, no other photos will be allowed.


What is the dress code for Women Awakening?

There is no formal dress code for Women Awakening, but attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably in clothing they are able to move freely in for the various interactive aspects of the weekend.


Will food be provided during the weekend?

There will be some grab and go food options available for purchase outside of Cuatro Vientos, as well as pre-order options at La Esquina, but food will not be provided. Attendees will be allowed to bring their own food to eat, however food must be enjoyed outside the Cuatro Vientos Studio Space. Water bottles are allowed inside the Cuatro Vientos Studio Space.