The founder of Women Awakening, Angelica is a native of Denver, Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science, with a minor in Chicano Studies. She fell in love with Todos Santos seven years ago while visiting nearby Cerritos during arguably the worst time of the year to be in the area, September. Carving out a niche for herself in Todos Santos over the past few years, while balancing life in Denver has presented some challenges, but the work has been joyful and the experiences and friendships she has made have been life changing and incomparable. Angelica woke up in the early morning after her birthday with an epiphany: she must create a women’s summit in Todos Santos. Once she shared her vision with the co-creators of Women Awakening, the wellspring of ideas was tapped and began to flow. Angelica Robinson and the co-creators of Women Awakening are honored to share this uniquely unifying experience with you.



Marimar has been teaching yoga in Todos Santos for fifteen years.  She loves her ongoing teaching practice and the community that surrounds it.  Her vision has always been to be able to teach and practice in a beautiful, natural place, where the outer landscape and the inner landscape could be in harmony.  At the same time, she dreamed of offering the space to other teachers and practitioners from near and far so that they could share their gifts, creating a powerful vortex of creative and healing energy.  When the time was right Marimar, created Cuatro Vientos, a center for yoga, arts, meditation and movement.  The space was officially opened to the community in January, 2015.  Marimar lives in Todos Santos with her husband and two children and is also the owner of La Esquina, the café right next door to Cuatro Vientos. 



Jill is an artist whose multimedia paintings offer a concise space-time display of form, color and figuration. Working with acrylic in a process that gives her paint on canvas the translucence of watercolor while maintaining the vibrancy of acrylic, she creates ethereal compositions with subtle gradations of color. Highlighting meditation, the regenerative power of Nature and the Divine Essence of collective humanity as the source of her creative flow, Mollenhauer is a visionary abstract painter with Transcendentalist leanings. In addition to pigment, her paintings often incorporate layers of paper and found objects such as metal, shells or beads she finds along the coastal regions of California and Mexico.  Jill Mollenhauer is a native of Southern California and currently resides in Todos Santos Baja California, Mexico. 


Elena M Headshot.jpeg


Elena Moreno is a yoga teacher, writer, doctor of Naturopathic medicine, environmentalist and business woman.  She is on the board of a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Cancer Registry of Baja California Sur, The Center for Renewable Energy and Environmental Quality, Circulos, Inc. as well as other organizations dedicated to education, conservation, service, personal growth and indigenous traditions.  She also is the founder of the Empowerment Series, an educational program for personal growth and spiritual development, which is taught in the United States, Mexico and other countries.  A mother and grandmother, Elena lives with her husband of 47 years, her 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren in Todos Santos, a magical community on the pacific coast of Baja California Sur in Mexico.



Ariana is a psychologist, committed to the consciousness awakening, is a yoga practitioner and a meditation lover. She has worked formally and as a volunteer in different institutions and projects focused on community development. Ariana was born and raised in Ensenada B.C. In the summer of 2018 she turned 30 years old and moved to Todos Santos B.C.S. in pursuit of a place to call home where she could serve the community and share her knowledge. She currently works with individual, family therapy and vocational guidance in her private practice,She also works with the Padrino Children's Foundation coordinating the special education, mental and social health programs, and volunteers as a meditation guide. Additonally, Ariana coordinates a reading circle for women, as well as conducting a recreational and educational group for teens. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, painting, dancing, enjoying good music and nature in her casita near the beach where she lives with her pets.