Women Awakening is proud to announce that we are now a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Entity. As well as bringing you compelling quality content in our International Women's Summit every December, we are also excited to continue the legacy of Project Lumina by providing scholarships for young women in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. 


We are proud to announce this year’s spectacular lineup of presenters:


what is love? with

Elena moreno

When I was a child we exchanged Valentine Cards with all the children in our class. My mother would take me to Woolworths, the Walmart of long ago, to buy a package of 50 valentine cards.

I remember we looked up the meaning for Love in Dad’s big Webster’s dictionary. It was defined as “an intense feeling of deep affection.” This only confused me because I certainly didn’t feel intense affection for everyone in my class, but my mother told me we had to let others know that we care, which apparently included those who were not such good friends too. That was the beginning of my effort to understand the strange word that seems to hold so many emotions, meanings and passions – Love.

Over the years I have come to realize that reading definitions of Love may be helpful, but understanding Love requires us to find its fullest meaning and truth within our own heart and soul. No one can find Love for us. Love is very personal and comes in all sizes, shapes and kinds. It is something we come to know in the doing.

Many people tend to focus on romantic Love when, in fact, we Love in many unromantic ways: our Love of country, our delight in pleasure, our joy of family, our pets, and our love of self. But we also love art, our freedom, our community and our God and yes we can even Love our car, our surfboard and our computer. In order to know Love, we have to explore it on all levels. It is not enough to look only at physical Love or the feelings of Love. If we want to have a complete experience we also must be prepared to express the vast range of Love from the most superficial to the most Divine. And we must also turn our gaze within for only by first understanding self are we able to discover the depth, breadth, nuance, and direct experience of Love on all levels. After all how can we ever Love another if we do not first Love our self?


love yourself like a goddess with jasmine pittenger

This interactive, embodied experience will begin with a brief, inspiring presentation of the wisdom path of
“Love Yourself Like a GODDESS…At Any Age, Size or Ability. I’ll talk about how this practice has changed my own life, bringing me far more joy, meaning and empowerment in my daily life – while simultaneously helping me drop 75 pounds and $20,000 in debt. I will also talk about how loving yourself like a GODDESS is not a “selfish” choice. Instead, it is vital to each woman’s ability to step fully into the loving and powerful goddess leadership that today’s world so desperately needs. I will speak to this angle from my own personal experience, as well. I have been a United Nations spokeswoman for children and women in some of the world’s most war-torn regions for a decade and I’ve seen firsthand how urgently the world needs women to reclaim – and to lead from – our most powerful, loving goddess energy.


holistic sexual activation with amanda testa

How Love is Expressed through the Sacral Chakra . . . Holisitic Sexuality Activation

Holistic sex is about living a more turned on life, feeling alive moment to moment. The way you experience sexuality isn’t just about the act of sex but about vibrancy, physical health, how you relate and how intimate you can be with other human beings.

The four foundations I'll reveal during this workshop are the key to experiencing freedom and pleasure and pure love in your sexuality, no matter your age. I t 's a myth this part of us can't flourish as we age.

+ Workshop BENEFITS:

Feeling more freedom and aliveness in your body.

Feeling greater sensation and pleasure during sex.

Rewiring the brain around sexual beliefs and pleasure.

Cultivating an understanding that all forms of expression are love and


Gaining Confidence + Empowerment around sexuality and life


beyond defence: pure love, through empowerment. a different angle on self-care with mia von loga

For Women’s Awakening 2019 I’d be happy to share my journey on how I became one with my spirit and human existence, my emotional and physical body. I will especially focus on how I came from learning Self Defence techniques to seeing the bigger picture of wholesome Self Care and how it changed my life, as this is something that everyone in the world can access and benefit from. This empowering transition in combination with my expertise as a multidimensional personal development coach and emotional intelligence advocate inspired my own holistic concept called BeyondDefence – a different angle on SelfCare as SelfLove. Today, I deeply believe that I can handle everything that comes my way by breaking it down to see it step by step. Even when a big strong person would threaten me or would get hold of me, I am not helpless! I can work on improving my situation, making a conscious choice which card to play, one after another. The element of learning techniques of pure self defence represents us living in a human world. Represents women in a society that is male-dominated, and where emotionally and physically women are more likely to become attacked by men. That is important to understand when it comes to physical violence, as based on the human physiology men are stronger than women by nature. I will show how this empowerment is pure love and how we through this practice can unlock our whole potential and aligning and unblocking the power within our chakras.

Fay Bouman, Sally Long and Gina Cerda

Heart Panel – Fourth Chakra


loving and discovering your soul’s voice with angelica robinson

Your voice. That beautiful, magical sound that allows you to express yourself and all of the myriad thoughts you wish to convey with the world. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the singing voice is the soul’s method in which it expresses love through song. Like dance, singing has primordial beginnings and was used to express the soul, even before words existed.

But what happened since our earliest ancestors called to the heavens with their soul’s voice to share in a loving, spiritual connection with the universe? Singing, which once was our souls’ conversation with god has now become a multi-billion-dollar industry where artists are packaged and produced like the commodity they have become, and singing has become something artists do to generate vast amounts of money for giant corporations. And now, that’s what singing sounds like. Singers who once had belief in their vocal talent go on television to be picked apart, judged and deemed “good” (read marketable) or “bad” (unviable for mass consumption). Voices strain to reach heights of vocal gymnastics placing the vocal folds under strain and in jeopardy all in the pursuit of “greatness”.

So now, in fear of judgment, many singers have relegated themselves to singing in the shower, or in the car, or not at all lest they are heard by another and deemed “bad” singers. In truth, we all have a song inside us. All of us can and have the ability to sing. I’m not talking about the voice to win the latest, greatest televised singing competition, but the voice to touch a heart and fill a soul with joy. What if I told you there are some simple techniques that can take your voice from the place of forced to the place of flow? In my interactive experience “Loving and Discovering Your Soul’s Voice” we will learn that song comes from the soul, not the throat. We will learn that the natural, loving voice within you can be discovered and set free to express love. This voice is not one to be harnessed or controlled, but to be released from within and freed from mentally perceived constraints. We will practice and learn some simple exercises, that used on a consistent basis, can bring your singing voice from stifled to unbridled.


The magic of the sixth chakra: developing intuition, the third eye and opening to guidance with fran gallaher

Imagine a set of architectural and engineering plans for a building. Then imagine the resulting, physical, building. The Chakras are energy centers that are part of the architectural and engineering plans that allow life force to flow through a physical body. The Sixth Chakra is our link to a shared consciousness, our link, so to speak, between our building and the buildings around us—even to the entire world around us! It allows us to feel or become aware that someone is thinking about us—or we should be thinking about someone else.

Imagine that there are different levels of development for this chakra. At the first level, we are simply aware of others and their thoughts and feelings. At higher levels, this chakra opens a sensing ability known as the Third Eye. The Third Eye is often, perhaps obviously, thought to provide what is called Inner Sight. Inner Sight does not require stimulation to our physical eyes but instead, uses the visual ability of our brain to provide us with visual input. But it can also provide access to any of our senses, including hearing, taste, smell and all the others, without actual external stimulation from their corresponding sense organs.

At the highest levels of development, the Sixth Chakra works with the Seventh Chakra to open us to guidance. This is guidance from non-physical beings—even from God or the Divine—and opens us to a level of love, both giving and receiving, that transcends what we thought possible.

Another way to understand this is that the Sixth Chakra links us to the people around us and amplifies our sense so we can pick up information from them. At lower levels of development, we simply become aware that there are people around us. At higher levels, we develop a global consciousness. At even higher levels, we are capable of a cosmic consciousness.

In this experiential talk you will:

Learn about intuition and the role of the Sixth Chakra and its influence and development in your life

Explore your sensory experience and identify the inner senses you have developed or are developing

Identify the role of guidance in your life and how you can access more of it

Experience a guided visualization to learn more about your own journey of growth on the path of Sixth Chakra development, experience a higher level of consciousness and a more radiant—and Universal—love

Share your experiences with other women in both partner and group discussion

Develop a few practices to support you on your path of growth


Dharma Talk and Vipassana Meditation – Seventh Chakra with Elena Ascencio Ibañez

A Dharma Talk preceded by a guided Vipassana meditation period.

A Dharma talk is said to be an art form. It is woven starting from a sincere presence, using several forms of speech, all in agreement with the teachings and considering the current circumstances of the listeners. Elena is happy to share what she has discovered on her own self-inquiry journey so far, doing it through an honest account of where she is and where she has been.

Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique that begins with the observation of the breath as a method to concentrate the mind and goes on to observe the changing nature of body and mind.


Plus, unifying ceremonies, invigorating movement practices and more!

Please join us December 6-8, 2019 where we will delve into the subject of love following the framework of the Chakras. No previous knowledge of the Chakras is necessary. Just bring your open heart and the desire to gain and share knowledge though our experiential based women’s summit. Early Bird Tickets are available now.